... yet digital photography experiences constant pushes towards innovation. This innovation does not come from DSLR cameras - they are in a way held back by their heritage from analogue times. Innovation is happening with smartphone photography though!

For more than a century, photography was dominated by single lens setup. This was the most efficient way to capture images in an analogue world. Cameras with multiple lenses existed - for example for stereoscopic images - but were far more complicated to use and to view. Camera designers have long been and to a degree still are stuck in this analogue mindset, when it comes to designing digital cameras. Film was simply replaced by digital sensor to catch light. But digital cameras are computers with attached lenses. Consequently software and algorithms are starting to play bigger roles in the way, captured light is transformed into images. We might be standing at the beginning of the age of ‘computational photography’, that will turn long-established rules and precognitions on photography on its head.


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