Ready to splash




In April, when the heat is coming down on people even more intensive as normally, Thai people celebrate Songkran, the Thai New Year.

On the one hand, Songkran is a family festival in which the young pay respect to the elders by sprinkling some water over the elders' hands. Then the whole family goes off to the temple to sprinkle the buddha statues with scented water.

But then on the other hand, after the new year rituals, everybody's up to splashing everyone around with water.

This street vendor is preparing himself for the big water battles in the coming days.


This photo is also featured on Mercados de vegetales y frutas.


Cover Magazin BPG #60

Der 60. Photowalk der "Bangkok Photographer Group" führte in meine Nachbarschaft Bang Kholaem. Nun ist das neue Magazin erschienen:

Bangkholaem ist ein Distrikt südlich der Sathorn Road, der sich bis zum Fluss erstreckt.



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