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Suan Dusit Conference - The Keynote Speakers

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The Activity A - meaning the Academic part - of the E-Learning Conference at the Rajabhat Suan Dusit University is now over. Sadly, I cannot participate in Activity B due to work. But anyhow, the last two days were a phantasticly organized conference with interesting presentations which gave me a lot of new ideas and impressions. In the coming days, I will sort them out and share here on my website.

Today, just two pictures from the two keynote speakers.

Prof. YoungHwan Kim

Prof. YoungHwan Kim from Korea's Pusan National University presented a bold vision on a Amusement Park which focuses on Education.

Prof. Peter Woods

Prof. Peter Woods from Malaysia's Multimedia University was talking about the (from his point of view) obsession of E-Learning creators with fun.

I will cover these two keynotes later on in more detail.